About me

FeetBIRTH YEAR I didn’t do much, but John Glenn orbited the earth, Lawrence of Arabia won the Oscar for best picture, and the Beatles released their first single. Pantyhose also hit the stores.

1ST DECADE Lived in a three-bedroom brick house, with two devoted parents, one younger sister, and a black cat. Played Planet of the Apes with neighborhood friends. Pretended I was Olga Korbut on the wide footboard of my parents’ bed. Hated school. Was teased for being skinny.

2ND DECADE Hormonal fog. Blocked memories. Got married at nineteen.

3RD DECADE Had four kids.

4TH DECADE Experienced a “personal renaissance.” Surprise. I actually loved learning. Books. Music. Art. Dance. Movies. Theatre. Couldn’t get enough. Also, unschooled my children, became a published writer, and re-examined just about everything I ever believed. Emerged a spiritual agnostic.

5TH DECADE: Divorced. Had anxiety attacks. Survived. Got a job outside the home. Became good friends with my kids. Discovered I was Asian in a past life. Oh, and started a thing called a blog.

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