“Four glittering eyes, two pink mouths, and eight limbs wrapped around itself taking up two seats on the subway”

Music and movies have been lifesavers lately. I discovered the quirky indie film Four Eyed Monsters thru petite anglaise. It chronicles the real romantic relationship between Arin Crumley and Susan Buice.

It’s about 70 minutes long, has adult content (brief nudity and mature themes) and has been uploaded on YouTube by the filmmakers.

I liked this film for a number of reasons. One, because it explores the “Internet Age” of relationships, where media often plays a big role in our interactions. It was also just the right amount of quirky for me. Sometimes movies aren’t quirky enough or are too quirky for my taste.

The movie has received a number of good reviews. One criticism, though, is that it’s “self-indulgent and beautiful, but ultimately pretentious…a kind of voyeuristic fantasy world between two people.”

Yep. Sounds just like being in love to me.

Watch it here

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  1. Thanks for making this post. I’m a fan of four eyed monsters and didn’t realize they uploaded the full film to youtube so I look forward to watching it this week. I also signed up at spout to help them raise some funs to pay off the film expenses. 🙂

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