Hearing Dir en grey: Part One

Ikuni and I went last week to Cincinnati to hear Dir en grey in concert on Korn's Family Values Tour. For those who may not know who they are I’ve written about them here, here, here and here (I know, I’m obsessed).

We stayed Monday night at my friend Julie’s house and had great conversations about linguistics, the blogsphere, and her oldest son attending college. I especially enjoyed talking with her youngest and admiring her artwork throughout the house. Cringed a bit when Ikuni and one of Julie's kids had The Great Harry Potter Debate, but at least they worked through their differences without casting the Avada Kedavra curse on each other.

One thing I marveled at: the tiny trash can in their upstairs bathroom. We have, like, a five foot one in ours. We’re master garbage makers.

Tuesday we headed to the concert–in the pouring rain. The directions sounded easy enough but leave it to me to get lost (also, to set the stage for what's next you should know that I have an irrational fear of bridges. I don’t know why. I just do). While trying to find the music venue I missed an exit and ended up going over a bridge into Kentucky, cussed, turned around, went back over the bridge, missed another exit, cussed, cussed, drove aimlessly around downtown, called Julie but she didn’t answer, reread our MapQuest directions, managed to get back on the expressway, missed another exit because I couldn’t see a damn thing in the blinding rain, cussed, cussed, cussed, turned around, amazingly took the right exit, but had to go over a different bridge, cussed, cussed, cussed, cussed, drove a bit, went over yet another bridge then finally saw the Riverbend Music Center.

Beyond relieved, I swung into the entrance. But…there was no sign of life. Just rain and an almost empty parking lot. I drove through a rusted open gate, parked then waited for noon, when we thought we could enter the venue.

To be continued…

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  1. Oh my! This is not the experience I expected to read about on your blog!! I am so sorry I didn’t answer my phone. Perhaps it was stuffed under a couch cushion. Though I can imagine I would have been no help in finding Riverbend. Jon usually drives and I talk which means of course I don’t pay attention.And the rain on top of it! Ugh. Good for you that you persevered. We thought of you all day as the rain poured down.Loved having you both visit. I thought the HP debate wasn’t a debate! LOL! I thought it was a conversation between passionate fans. :)Can’t wait for part two!Affectionately,Julie (of the small trash can)

  2. Not related to the post but I’m so glad you visited my blog today! I thought you weren’t blogging anymore! Ack, silly me. So glad you are and now let me go catch up on your adventures 🙂

  3. Sounds like one of my directions disasters to L’s football games last year. Can’t wait to hear part 2!

  4. Thanks so much for this story. Can’t wait for part 2 now! And thanks for visiting my blog on How To Live With Teenagers! How’d you find me?

  5. Julie, that’s okay about the phone call. If we hadn’t have found the venue eventually, we would’ve just ended back on your front porch. :-)Hi, iliana! Yes, I’m still blogging. Not as often on Musings as I’d like, though.Rona, “direction disaster” is a good term for it!And, churchpundit, I found you thru ProBlogger’s How to posts. Mine was on my other blog, mudguard, about how to avoid pumping gas for 28 years. Glad you stopped by!

  6. Mapquest is always a nightmare — I haven’t yet found it to be truly reliable; it’s especially “fun” when the directions tell you to take a right on “unnamed road” — only to find that the unnamed road you’ve been looking for is actually an exit ramp onto the interstate.Looking forward to Part Two as well — and it sounds like Julie is a tremendous host. Between your visit and Dave’s visit earlier this year, I’m beginning to wish I could find a reason to be in Cincinnati!!- Matt

  7. This is, by far, one of the most amusing writings I have had the pleasure of reading, right before leaving my work day behind. Thanks, yet again, for making my face and ribs hurt. single gay in LA.

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