Her mouthed dropped open

Or What happens when one’s kids are allowed to fully follow their passions

The Scene: Ikuni and I checking out at Target. Ikuni is purchasing the Harry Potter boxed set with new covers by Kazu Kibuishi.

Cashier: Wow, that’s a lot of money for books.

Ikuni: Actually, I’m buying this here because it’s about $30 less than other places.

Cashier (smiling): I think I’d just get them from the FREE library…unless I guess I wanted to read them more than once.

Ikuni: I’ve read them many times!

Cashier: Really? How many?

Ikuni: That depends. I’ve read The Sorcerer’s Stone at least 40 times. Some of the others, though, just five to ten.

Cashier:  . . .

What happens when one's kids are allowed to fully follow their passions

Thumbnail image by L. Whittaker (cc cropped, thumbnail filtered)

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