Homage to the details

used with permission Came across Emily Zasada’s blog and was blown away. She includes completed paintings as well as photos of works in progress. From her biography page:

Why realism?

I'm not sure. I'm not a patient person, so even I don't always understand why I've chosen to focus on this type of art. But the details of objects fill our lives; they're background players and constant companions, even though they're largely unnoticed. Consider the faint curve of the keys of the computer keyboard under your fingers, for example, or the pale translucent light that lightly brushes the rim of your coffee cup. All of these tiny things give our life texture and beauty, if we stop just for a moment to examine them and pause in the middle of an enormously rushed day.

So I guess that transferring these details into a painted image pays homage to these details, carved out by light and scattered throughout our daily lives. Light is so important in my paintings that possibly it isn't really realism that I'm after, but a glowing version in which the light that brushes over an object and carves shadows around and through it is itself an artist, changing the hues and shapes of objects as the hours pass in a day…read the rest of her bio.

And make sure to visit Emily's galleries of sold and available paintings. Amazing.

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