If I’d been blogging then…

Went to an art exhibit yesterday with Ikuni (which I hope to post more about later). Before we left, I grabbed a pocket notebook from my desk and put it in my purse. While jotting down thoughts at the museum, I noticed some past entries I’d forgotten. They looked to be from about 2000-01. I smiled, because they were the same kind of observations I blog about, now. Here are a few of them:

  • Young woman has a huge run in her stockings. Woman remarks: “My dear, your run has a panty hose.”
  • Customers complain about “rubbery fish.” Restaurant manager: “I tried to pull it apart and it fought back.”
  • Two ladies in a booth. Older one: “I hate your hair like that.”
  • Man wearing a sweater at a dinner party. When asked why he didn’t dress up, he says (with his wife sitting beside him!): “I only wear a suit and tie to weddings and funerals–they’re both the same thing.”
  • Sign: “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”
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