Nihongo overload

In my house, we don’t simply become obsessed with our interests, we become absolutely possessed by them.

For example, when Miki, who’s unable to view music videos on her computer, spent New Year’s here, Ikuni and I showed her about eight hours worth of j-rock videos (and the fun find of the weekend was indie band, Antique Café). We could have shown her eight hours more if our rears weren’t completely numb from sitting so long on our kitchen chairs.

So, to say I’ve gone gaga over all things Japanese would probably be an understatement. This week I:

  • Got the Japanese version of The Learnables and listened to three hundred different words/phrases the first day.
  • Added about fifty films to my Netflix queue, such as Café Lumiere, Early Summer and Kikujiro.
  • Found a recipe for Toshikoshi soba, which means “end the old year and enter the new year noodles.”
  • Often checked what time it was in Tokyo.
  • Enjoyed the funny website,
  • Wondered how I might transform my wardrobe after viewing Tokyo Street Style.
  • Discovered someone who writes intelligently about L’Arc~en~Ciel and their music without once using the word “woot!”
  • Started reading Mari Kanazawa’s blog every day.
  • Referred to Jim Breen’s Japanese Page frequently.
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