Ruffling the marrow

Ex loved Black Sabbath…and Luciano Pavarotti. Our children grew up listening to both War Pigs and The Three Tenors. And over time, Ex’s passions became everyone’s passions.

So, when the King of the High C’s came to town we bought tickets for the whole family, sat in one of the rows that was a football field away from the stage, and relished every note. It was magical.

“Some singing voices vibrate the sternum and the long bones of the listeners. The musicians in our family, call this ‘ruffling the marrow.’ Once done, ever after, the listener carries a bone-deep ‘sense memory’ … something akin to feeling they now know the poignancy of and preciousness of life. Again. Once more. Pavarotti did that; ruffled the marrow; sang into people’s very bones, restored their memories of poignant, precious life. Reset the humanity switch.” ~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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