Snapshots from the weekend

  • Chased sun patches on the expressway as we moved through shadows cast by clouds above.
  • In three separate discussions, talked with Drummer, Ikuni and Gamer about dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Ikuni has been studying this lately, and her sharing of information has caused it to be on everyone’s mind).
  • At a stoplight, saw an ambulance race past, and a car with two distraught women in it followed close behind. I felt for them.
  • Almost hit a deer. She darted in front of us, I slammed on the brakes, she sprinted like mad and we (thankfully) missed her.
  • Enjoyed our new broadband! We discovered that by combining our phone, cable and Internet service, we could barely afford it.
  • Due to now having broadband, watched a multitude of Japanese music videos with Ikuni, like Arittake No Ai De (loaded in seconds!)
  • At the grocery store, Ikuni and I exchanged glances when the bagger forcefully sneezed all over everything. Afterwards, Ikuni said: “Oi, our food’s not a hanky.”
  • Failed to watch a film I wanted to see–La Femme Infidele.
  • Managed to do some laundry and pay bills.
  • Read thirteen pages of Lolita.
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