Solo Monk came in the mail yesterday

and I did something last night I haven’t done in a long while. I turned off the lights and listened to the whole CD from beginning to end. It was wonderful. There’s just something about only hearing the music and not being distracted by visual images. I relished every note and also smiled when I heard Monk’s foot release the pedal at the end of each song.

From the original liner notes by Martin Williams:

Monk’s piano sings starkly, passionately, in one of those miracles in which human emotion triumphs fully over the mechanics of the keyboard and its hammers and strings…He does not dazzle us: indeed he does not ‘show’ us anything. He has the true artist’s ability to involve us with him so that we seem to be working things out together. He can take the simplest note and make it count in every way because he knows the musical worth of each sound he makes and each silence he allows.

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