The Good Girls

lyrics by Amy Rigby

She makes her bed first thing in the morning
So she won’t crawl back in
She drinks her second cup of coffee
‘Cause it’s the only available sin
She falls asleep on the subway

She feels like Alice in the rabbit hole
She wakes up with a start
With an aching in her heart
She says they’ve got my mind and body
But they can’t take my soul

They’re making gold out of the good girls like me
They’re making dollars out of all our fantasies
They’re making bundles of cash
From the trash that we read/think we need/tapes & CD’s
Making gold out of the good girls like me

She chooses shoes from the desk drawer
Flips the switch on the power strip
She plays a hand of cyber solitaire
It’s not as good as a Vegas trip
Everybody’s talking weekend
The one that passed and the one to come
She’s got her self esteem
And the American dream
But her chances of advancing
Are ten thousand to one

They’re making gold out of the good girls…

My mother didn’t go to work
She stayed at home and she never got paid
Now I do double time
I’m slaving six to nine
I’m so tired at night
I think I’ve got it made

She goes out shopping on her lunch time
She wants to look like a partial success
She’s searching for a ray of sunshine
In the lining of a thirty dollar dress
She returns to the office
She’s got a headache that just won’t quit
She says I work so hard to get my house with a yard
But sometimes I wonder why do I do any of it

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