Whoever said money can’t buy happiness can kiss my empty bank account

It went like this:

Ikuni and I learn that one of our favorite j-rock bands, Dir en grey, is coming to America in concert…for the first time ever…playing in Austin, TX, New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are on sale and only $29.

Texas is industry only. California is too far away, too expensive. New York? If we leave at 4:00 A.M., drive to the city that never sleeps, eat homemade sandwiches on the way, see the concert, doze in the car for a bit, drive back the next day then, yes, we might be able to afford it.

Are we crazy? Most certainly. But Dir en grey is not just any Japanese band. Their dark and gritty music has been Ikuni’s lifeline many times. When the lead singer, Kyo, exorcises his demons through their songs, it helps Ikuni cast out her own. They also have great hair.

So, we get on their official site which leads to another site which takes us to Ticketmaster which informs us that one must have a presale code to purchase tickets which causes me to go on a Google search which, when finally successful, is all for naught because the New York concert is sold out! It sold out in twelve hours!!

Ikuni is heartbroken. I am heartbroken. The L.A. concert moves to a bigger venue. It’s taking longer to sell the tickets. If only I had the money…

New York tickets start popping up on eBay–some going for over $500. My own little demon tempts me to buy six L.A. tickets, keep two and sell the others to finance a round trip flight, a hotel stay and a rental car. No. No, no, no. People who buy/resale tickets like that are scum. SCUM. They keep real fans from purchasing tickets at reasonable prices.

So, I resist and the L.A. concert sells out, too.


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